Pet Wellness Services in Ada

Pet Care For All Ages and Breeds

With our regular wellness exams, you can take much better care of your pet’s health as we make the assessment process much easier. Once we can identify a problem, our experts help educate you about it. This reduces the burden of getting your pet examined again and again. 

If anything serious arrives, our doctors are always ready to help you. Early diagnosis can also help completely eradicate the issue before it becomes fatal.

Pet Wellness Exam Plan in Ada

When you bring your pet, or livestock to us for the first time, our Ada veterinarians are always ready to help you out. We at Ada Veterinary Clinic do not follow the same pet exam schedule for each pet that visits us. Instead, we come up with personalized exam plans according to your pet’s breed, size, life expectancy, food habits, etc. Our one-on-one exam plan perfectly helps diagnose the problem at hand.

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

Yearly Pet Wellness Exams

Some things we cover under your pet’s yearly wellness exam in Ada include the following.

Some Important Points to notice :

  • Check the overall health of your pet from their last visit to our Ada clinic. We have yearly examinations so it’s important to have an overall check time-to-time to avoid extreme accidents. 
  • Help pet owners become great pet parents and help them understand how they can take care of their pets during emergencies. 
  • Check the pet’s abnormal behavior like unnecessary biting and scratching.
  • Assist the pet parent with important information after surgery, like at-home medicine administration. 
  • Be available 24/7 to answer your concerns about your pet and its health

Blood Testing For Pets In Ada

With our extensive examination plans and expert sessions we also provide your pet a complete blood work.

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

Deworming and Fecal Check in Ada

As a pet owner, you must check your pet’s feces regularly to prevent it from transmitting from your pet to your family members. Parasites can travel into your pet’s body by interacting with an infected animal or consuming something infectious. So, you must keep daily checks after your pet is done with its business. If this condition is left untreated, this can lead to severe parasitic diseases which can also affect your family. 

Ada​ Vet Clinic

Blood Testing For Pets In Ada

When we say we provide a complete wellness service to your pet, we mean it. With our extensive examination plans and expert sessions we also provide your pet a complete blood work. 

. Our blood work includes more than just checking your pet’s blood count. We look for underlying or dormant diseases that can arise in the future. As always prevention is always better than cure!!

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

Pet Experts In Ada

We at Ada Veterinary Clinic believe in building connections and that’s why you would always feel welcomed by our staff at work. During your pet’s examinations, you are open to asking any questions concerning the process. 

Our experts will be by your side to get your doubts cleared. You will send your pet to us only when you trust our doctors, thus we focus on building this connection from the very beginning of our interaction. Also, when you have a good rapport with your pet’s doctor, you can openly ask them questions concerning your pet’s health. 

Custom Vaccines For Pets In Ada

Just like we need vaccines to keep our bodies healthy, similarly, pets also need vaccines

If vaccines aren’t provided on time, your dog or cat can develop a weak immune system which can trouble them later. Vaccines contain small doses of deadly viruses in them. They teach your pet’s immune system to fight against diseases without causing much wear and tear to the body. This builds the body’s immunity to fight against similar viruses and bacteria in the future. 

Custom Vaccines For Pets In Ada

Doctors advise pet parents to start vaccinations within 6 weeks after the dog or cat is born and the next dose is given after 3 weeks. Up-to-date vaccines keep your pets healthy and fit. But not every pet needs the same frequency of vaccines. Some might have an in-build immunity to certain diseases thus giving them vaccines for the same makes no sense. With our expert vaccine doctors and in association with the American Animal Hospital Association, we tailor-fit vaccines according to your pet’s immunity and age. 

We look after the risk factors your pet lives in and recommend vaccines accordingly. We do not feel the need to over-vaccinate your pet and earn extra on it. We genuinely care for your child just like you do so we customize every pet vaccine.

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

Recommended Puppies & Kittens Vaccines According To Species

Core Puppy Vaccines: Core Puppy Vaccines: DHPP- Distemper or a Distemper-Parvo Vaccine- Protects against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Rabies.

Core Kitten Vaccines: FVRCP- Protects against three fatal diseases namely, Panleukopenia Virus, Feline Calicivirus, and Rhinotracheitis, also known as Herpes Virus, and Rabies.

Non-Core Puppy Vaccines: Bordetella- Vaccine for this disease is recommended for dogs who are quite social with dogs. 

Leptospirosis: Basic dog vaccine that needs to be given to 8 weeks or older pups.  

Non-Core Kitten Vaccines: FeLV- Feline Leukemia Virus- A serious disease caused in cats, can be treated by giving a vaccine early on.

Rabies: Dogs need to be given 5 doses of the rabies vaccine.

Recommended Pet Vaccines For Adult Dogs & Cats

Core Dog Vaccines: DHPP-  Distemper or a Distemper-Parvo Vaccine.  

Rabies: Dogs need to be given 5 doses of the rabies vaccine. 

Core Cat Vaccines: FVRCP- Panleukopenia Virus, Feline Calicivirus, and Rhinotracheitis. 

Rabies: Cats need a one-time rabies vaccine shot after they complete three months. 

Non-Core Dog Vaccines: Bordetella Vaccine, Leptospirosis Vaccine.

Lyme Disease: It is recommended to give 2 doses once the pet reaches 3 weeks of age. 

Non-Core Cat Vaccines: FeLV- Feline Leukemia Virus.

If you need any more information related to the vaccine protocols you can directly contact (580) 332-1786 here. You can also directly visit our clinic in Ada to professionally talk with our vaccine experts. 

Ada​ Vet Clinic

Flea And Tick Prevention In Ada

Getting rid of your pet’s fleas and ticks can be havoc. They can truly be a nuisance in your life if you don’t take care of them beforehand. If left untreated, they can threaten you and your pet. 

We at Ada Veterinary Clinic keep an updated about all the prevalent flea and tick fevers in the area to give you the best treatment. Currently, we noticed both, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Ehrlichiosis to be prevalent tick-borne diseases in Ada, Oklahoma. This problem can become severe during the warmer seasons when fleas and ticks become more active. Flea infestation has been noticed as a common problem by doctors at our Ada clinic and it can affect your pet as well. 

So to prevent your pet from getting any of the conditions mentioned above, it’s necessary to take the right preventive steps. The easiest way is to choose the right pet products which keep fleas, ticks, and mites away from your pet’s body. You can even take the help of our ‘Ada Veterinarians’ to choose the right product from our clinic.

Ada​ Vet Clinic
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