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We equally provide love and support to your pet

Our Ada Veterinary Clinic, 24/7 works towards providing the best Client Services In Ada​in Ada. Our well-trained staff and veterinarians not only look after your pet’s needs but pay equal attention to pet parents’ needs as well. 

Microchipping In Ada​

Now you can get your dog and cat microchipped In Ada Vet Clinic to reduce their risk of getting lost. Every year approximately 10 million pets get lost and out of them, 90% have the chance of reaching their original owner if they get microchipped. It’s a grave problem that needs to be taken seriously by pet owners, mostly cat and dog parents. 

Just like vaccinating your dog or cat is an important task every pet parent should engage in, similarly microchipping should also be taken seriously. We at Ada Veterinary Clinic believe Home Again Microchip Pet ID is a fundamental part of each pet’s life. When you microchip your dog or cat, their details with your contact information get stored in a national pet recovery database, and each pet gets a unique identification number through which its owner can be found easily. You can update your information anytime without questions. The implanting process is simple and safe and takes less than 12 seconds!!

Microchipping is helpful so come get your pet microchipped at Ada Veterinary Clinic today, so you never lose them in the future!!

Ada​ Vet Clinic

House Calls Service in Ada

We understand your pet’s condition and concerns and thus provide house calls as one of our primary pet Client Services In Ada. There are only a few pet clinics in Ada that offer this service and we are one of them. We offer this service on a case-by-case basis only. There are times when it’s best to stay at home with your pet and spend quality time with them so they feel better again.

That’s when we can help with our house call service and make the process more enriching!! It’s the best service you can opt for when you know your pet has reached his or her last day. That’s the time when you and your pet need to spend the most time together and say your goodbyes in peace. As a pet care clinic in Ada, it’s our duty to join and support you during such a hard time!!

Ada​ Vet Clinic

Veterinary Pharmacy In Ada​

If you are tired of finding an all-in-one Veterinary Pharmacy In Ada to get your pet’s medications, look no further because we provide the best in-house pharmacy in Ada to all our clients under our Client Services In Ada Vet Clinic. Even if you come up with a problem, our Ada veterinarians will diagnose and prescribe your pet accurate doses and instructions about the medications, their side effects, long-term problems, and duration. We can even help you administer your first dose if you’re new to this! You won’t get this type of comprehensive service at any other generic pharmacy out there in Ada. So come and visit Ada Veterinary Clinic for the finest pharmacy services in Ada. 

We always have pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products, and heartworm preventatives in stock to meet your pet’s daily requirements with our Veterinary Pharmacy In Ada. So stay assured because we won’t let you leave empty-handed. You can also get Royal Canin and Science Diet prescription foods from us if you need any!!

We aspire to provide our customers with perfect and competitively priced medications every time!! You can even get timely refills of your pet’s medication by simply ringing us at (580) 332-1786.

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

End-of-Life Planning

Thinking about your pet’s loss can be devastating sometimes, but it’s inevitable. Our pets become our family and we become deeply attached to them. But after their loss taking important decisions might become hard for you as a pet parent!! Thus planning ahead of time is quite important. 

It’s necessary to research cremation ceremonies and grief counseling beforehand, and add it to your pet’s records so you don’t have to think about it later!! Taking time to plan this ahead will reduce the stress and anxiety caused later!! We at Ada Vet Clinic can surely help you out in the entire process and support you with compassion whenever you need it!!

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