Pet Health Maintenance Service In Ada

We equally provide love and support to your pet

Our Pet Health Maintenance Service In Ada at Ada Veterinary Clinic, 24/7 works towards providing the best pet care and medical assistance in Ada. Our well-trained staff and veterinarians not only look after your pet’s needs but pay equal attention to pet parents’ needs as well. 

Apart from our head-to-tail wellness exams in Ada we also offer other services like eye disorders treatments, allergy and dermatology treatment, cancer treatment, nutrition counseling, prescription diets, and behavior counseling at our Ada clinic. 

Internal Medicine Services

Your pet can’t always have the perfect health that you aspire for. Sometimes they may get sick. This situation calls for a serious veterinarian that truly cares for your pet and will give you the right diagnosis. That’s where our Ada Veterinary Clinic comes into the picture!! With our hand-picked veterinarians, we promise to provide the best pet treatment in Ada. Our attentive and compassionate veterinarian batch focuses on providing you with the right diagnosis that gets your pet healthy faster. 

As a Veterinary Clinic in Ada, our main job is to focus on preventive care but with it, we also work on diagnosing and non-surgical treatment of diseases to keep your pet and livestock healthy. At Ada Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians focus on providing knowledgeable solutions to your pet’s complex internal problems like kidney or renal, heart or respiratory, immune-mediated, and endocrine diseases.

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

Glaucoma Prevention
For Dogs
In Ada

Symptoms of glaucoma to look for in dogs include :

Why Glaucoma is Serious :

This is a serious medical condition that can happen to any pet or livestock. In this condition, the eye’s fluid pressure increases and badly damages the optic nerve of the pet. It mostly occurs in dogs and a total of 32% of adult dogs have glaucoma. It can also lead to permanent eye damage, resulting in blindness. Your dog can get glaucoma either genetically or through a bad eye injury. Genetically your dog can get primary or chronic glaucoma which progresses as they age, while an injury can cause secondary or acute glaucoma which is a quite serious situation and needs immediate medical attention. You can rush your dog straight to Ada Veterinary Clinic if such situations arise. 

To get notified earlier of such consequences, we recommend including a glaucoma exam in your dog’s annual wellness exam. This would help understand your dog’s genetics and the potential risk they carry to develop glaucoma. The exam will also measure your pet’s intraocular pressure (IOP). This will help set a standard baseline to prevent the disease. Setting up a normal baseline measurement is important as it can vary across species and different breeds. 

All the procedures we engage at Ada Veterinary Clinic are carried out by professionals and do not cause any pain or discomfort to your pet. We check your pet’s intraocular pressure by applying a numbing eye drop to avoid irritation.

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

Dermatology Services In Ada

If you are looking for the best dermatology and allergy services in Ada for your pet, then Ada Veterinary Clinic should be your first choice. If you do not take action beforehand, these allergy and dermatology problems can become serious and affect the pet’s health severely. Some common ways you can identify allergy and dermatology problems include :

  • Continuous nibbling, scratching, and shaking of the skin, feet, and ears 
  • Red, bruised, areas on the skin
  • Hair loss in certain patches
  • Boils raised bumps or crusts on the skin 
  • Skin discoloration 
  • Thick and layered skin 
  • Salivary staining ( mostly brown color)
  • Constant head shakes

All these symptoms need to be taken seriously. They can be caused due to allergens like fleas, pollen, dust, and various foods. If the scratching continues, it can even cause a bacterial infection that can damage the skin completely, so immediate evaluation is necessary. 

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

Pet Nutrition Counseling In Ada

Well, your pet cannot stay healthy if he doesn’t follow a diet that gives him all the necessary nutrition. Thus, a balanced diet, with proper clean water and regular exercise is important for your pet. You should focus on including every type of nutrient from carbs to proteins in their diet to keep them fit. 

While feeding your pet, choose processed foods specially made for them. Choose high-quality products as they give the highest nutritional value to your pet. It’s essential to focus on digestibility and nutritious value than buying premium or affordable products. The more you think and choose products in this manner, the better food you’re pet will get. After all what you feed them directly affects their general health, quality, and length of their life. 

To make your work easier, we at Ada Veterinary Clinic also provide your pet with an overall body condition evaluation where we check their BMI- Body Mass Index and offer weight loss counseling if needed. We understand your pet’s nutritional needs and provide you with customized serving sizes, nutrient needs, and feeding strategies according to their breed and size. 

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

Prescription Diet For Pets

Not all pets can benefit from a particular diet and that’s when prescribed diets come into the picture. We at our Ada Veterinary Clinic provide prescription diets to pets according to their body type and breed. Sometimes even a pet’s medical condition or illness can demand them to have a special diet. To maintain the nutritional level and quality of their diet, you can directly come to us. Our doctors and dietitians work together to develop the best diet that fulfills your dog’s nutritional needs as well. This helps maintain your pet’s health and affects its healing process positively.

The prescription diet at Ada Veterinary Clinic can benefit from medical conditions such as liver disease, bladder and kidney disease, digestive problems, renal failure, food allergies, diabetes, and more. We always prescribe quality-assured foods to your pet and follow the Royal Canin and Science Diet. So bring your cat and dog to us, to provide them with the best diet. 

Behavior Counseling in Ada

Pets are unpredictable and sometimes they can engage in unwanted behavior

Which might become hard to control.  That’s when you need a behavior counselor. We provide the best behavior counseling services in Ada. Even after your constant attention and love, they might engage in some unwanted behavior, but it’s always best to understand their side before taking extreme decisions. 

We at Ada Veterinary Clinic provide behavior counseling for urination problems like marking, inappropriate urination or excretion, anger problems, nipping and biting things, separation anxiety, excessive barking or howling, digging gardens, and introduction to new pets or members of the family. 

How Ada Vet Clinic Can Help

At our Veterinary Clinic in Ada, we focus on providing complete treatment, thus we begin with a thorough clinical analysis and medical examination. We do not believe in making false promises to our customers and so we let them know upfront if a problem can be solved by us or not. If your pet needs additional care and expert guidance, we always refer an animal behavior specialist, so your money goes to the right place. Before starting behavior therapy, if your pet has been suffering from any medical problems, our Ada veterinarians would look into it and prescribe the right treatments to make them healthy again. 

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

Pet Pregnancy Care in Ada

As some of our clients are responsible breeders, we want to be able to measure progesterone in your female to know when is the best time to inseminate. We have in-house diagnostics that allow us to measure these levels. The results will allow our veterinarians to establish the best timeline for the potential mother. Progesterone levels begin to rise at approximately the time before ovulation, so most owners will know their pet when it begins to be the right time.

We offer artificial insemination for our small and large animal patients as well, to help ensure the best outcome for our patients and clients. Please contact us for more information.

Pet Cancer Treatment in Ada

Detecting and treating cancer is quite hard but if you sign up for our regular medical checkups and head-to-tail examinations, you can detect and treat them beforehand. Once our Ada veterinarians know the type of cancer your pet has, they recommend a course of treatment that suits your pet. The most common treatment for benign cancers which are not so massive and intact is surgically removing the muscle mass. For such non-spreading cancers, surgery is always the best option but it also works wonders for malignant cancers that are detected early on!!

You can also go for chemotherapy after your pet’s surgery to promote faster recovery. It has been proven to improve your pet’s overall health and increase its life span. We do provide chemotherapy at Ada Veterinary Clinic, but only if the veterinarians approve of it. Sometimes chemo can cause side effects and damage your pet’s health completely. Some pets develop anemia while others experience reduced resistance to infection and gastrointestinal problems. So it’s advised to always ask a veterinarian beforehand!!

Ada​ Vet Clinic

What You Must Do

To avoid your pet from suffering, as a pet parent do consult our veterinarians so you can choose the best treatment method for them. In Ada being the oldest pet clinic, we have seen a lot of cancer cases which has improved our cancer knowledge over the years. So whenever you are taking a health-related decision for your pet, please come and meet us at our Ada Veterinary Clinic.


As a pet care clinic in Ada, our sole focus is to provide the best care for your pet out there. If we aren’t able to provide a particular facility at Ada Veterinary Clinic, we refer the best specialty centers out in Ada to provide your pet professional care. We refer specialty care in Ada for the following areas :

  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Oncology
  • Internal medicine
  • Surgery

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