Diagnostic Services in Ada

Pet Diagnostic Services in Ada

Our Ada Veterinary Clinic, 24/7 works towards providing the best pet care and medical assistance in Ada. Our well-trained staff and veterinarians not only look after your pet’s needs but pay equal attention to pet parents’ needs as well. 

Digital Radiographs For Pets in Ada

We can understand your pet’s overall illness by conducting full-body examinations, but to understand the underlying causes of the disease or problem, radiographs and X-rays are important. They help us scan potential pet body parts, so veterinarians can provide accurate diagnoses of the problem. 

At Ada Veterinary Clinic, we do use X-rays to examine your pet’s bones, lungs, heart, abdomen, oral cavity, and other body parts to keep track of serious medical problems. Sometimes we get patients who have fractured a bone, have a foreign object down their food tract, or have heart disease. Diagnosing them becomes tough if we don’t know the extent of their problem. That’s when X-rays can help. We provide the best immediate care for your pet at Ada, by quickly examining the situation and giving you a definite diagnosis. 

To abide by our promises to provide your pet with the best care in Ada, we have invested in a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine that examines accurately. Apart from diagnosing patients, X-ray machines have their own set of advantages relating to the environment.

Ada​ Vet Clinic

X-ray machines have their own set of advantages relating to the environment.

  • They are quick, as the examined part can be easily viewed on a monitor. 
  • The exposure settings of the X-rayed images can be easily manipulated to create a clear-looking picture. This way the veterinarian can understand the cause with ease. 
  • They aren’t time-consuming and the X-rayed image gets processed quite easily. Thus it completely cancels out the waiting period that existed before. 
  • The X-ray machine at Ada Veterinary Clinic doesn’t use toxins to develop the image, thus it is environment friendly. 
  • We can also send our X-rays digitally through email. So if you already have a family vet and would want to get advice from them in advance, we can always mail the images to them. 
  • Sometimes what we see can be completely different to want the actual reality is. Hence advanced diagnostic machinery is necessary to find precise answers to pet problems. Veterinarians cant instantly understand what’s wrong with your pet and even your pet can’t explain it to them. So we particularly invested in X-rays to offer your pet the best and most comprehensive healthcare available. 
Ada​ Vet Clinic

Ultrasound Services For Pets in Ada

Apart from X-rays, ultrasound is a great technique to get beyond the layers and understand the problem in depth. It’s a simple, no-pain procedure that employs sound waves to generate moving images of your pet’s body parts. It allows the detection of problems in detail where X-rays cannot be employed. We do provide ultrasound services at Ada Veterinary Clinic. 

Our top-notch team examines each of your pet’s problems with care and through ultrasound, we can access the shape, size, tissue density, internal structure, and position of your pet’s abdominal organs, assess cardiac health (also called an echocardiogram), and diagnose pregnancy. Our ultrasound technique can also be employed to recognize tumors and clots. Through this, the vet can come up with a proper diagnosis that can help cure the problem at hand. 

The ultrasound procedure is quite simple and doesn’t take more than 60 minutes. Some patients do receive sedation before going for an ultrasound but it is mostly done during a surgical biopsy. If an Ada veterinarian is present during the process, you can even get an immediate diagnosis there, so you can access treatment for your pet immediately. 

Ada​ Vet Clinic
Ada​ Vet Clinic

In-House Medical And Diagnostic Laboratory

Doctors and veterinarians can miss out on things, but machines and tests can detect even microscopic objects. Thus we at Ada Veterinary Clinic have the best in-house medical and diagnostic laboratory to give your pet the best services possible. We have different examinations and machinery for testing blood, urine, feces, and biopsied tissue. With our timely diagnosis, your pet gets the best service available in Ada and a precise assessment for their health problems. Regularly testing your pet can help detect problems ahead of time and keep your pet out of serious medical conditions. 

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to diagnostic testing. The technology can help detect serious problems like Heartworm Disease, Lyme Disease, infections, Feline Leukemia, intestinal parasites, dangerous UTIs, and other deadly diseases that might be hard to detect early on!! With our advanced diagnostic tools, this problem can be solved quite easily. Early diagnosis has a lot of benefits. Just by a simple blood report of your pet, our Ada veterinarians can figure out whether your pet has diabetes or not!! We also do our diagnostic testing before any other procedure as it doesn’t require anesthesia. 

Doing head-to-tail diagnostic testing is quite important as it ensures your pet stays fit, and healthy, and lives longer!! You get the most affordable diagnostic testing at Ada Veterinary Clinic with timely updates about your pet’s health problems. We do not like keeping our patients waiting and thus provide impromptu results for the tests done!! This gives you more time to discuss your pet’s health with our professional Ada veterinarians.

Endoscopy for large and small animal

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the examiner to look within an organ or body cavity and gain diagnostic information, which includes grossly evaluating an area of interest and obtaining tissue for histopathologic evaluation.

While gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy represents the most common use in veterinary medicine, endoscopes can be utilized to investigate multiple body systems. Further, endoscopy can be therapeutic when used for foreign body retrieval, stone removal, or feeding tube placement.


An endoscope is a flexible tube with a viewing port and/or a video camera attachment that is inserted either into the stomach through the mouth or the colon via the rectum. The endoscope permits inspection of the inside of these hollow organs. If the stomach is being examined, the esophagus can be inspected as the endoscope passes into the stomach.


As the standard of care in veterinary medicine improves with advancing technology, clients expect a higher level of care and even seek out minimally invasive procedures for their pets. Endoscopy is a versatile tool that provides a non-surgical option for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of disease conditions.

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