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The Ada Vet Clinic in 1020 Sandy Creek has been serving the Ada area’s pets since 1948. There hasn’t been a day when we have refused a pet emergency case or a pet boarding issue. 

Over the years, our patient base has changed a lot. Earlier we primarily served large animals, but with time we have also increased our small animal percentage. Be it a smaller or larger pet, our Ada Clinic for pets always welcomes each breed to provide the best service possible.

Ada Vet Clinic Owners

The Ada Veterinary Clinic has been serving the Ada area’s pets since 1948. 

Dr. Calvin White after completing his practice decided to buy Ada Veterinary Clinic in 1981 with his close companion Dr. Don Connally. They continued their partnership for 26 years but later he became the sole owner of Ada Veterinary Clinic in 2007.

In 2017, Dr. White sold the total shares to Dr. Durham who graduated from Auburn University College in 2011, and Dr. Bryant from Oklahoma State University in 2013. Dr. Durham serves our small animals while Dr. Bryant specializes in beef cattle medicine production and bovine and equine reproduction.

Ada​ Vet Clinic


DVM stands for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. It is a professional degree that is required to become a licensed veterinarian in the United States.

Dr. Ashley Durham

Owner & DVM

Dr. Sam Bryant

Owner & DVM

Dr. Calvin White


Dr. Jacob Parkison

DVM Supervisor

Dr. Ron Thomason


Dr. Katie Tyler



A Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) is a licensed professional who has completed a formal education and training program in veterinary technology and has passed a national certification exam. RVTs are trained to assist veterinarians in a variety of tasks.

Christen P. Smith

RVT Supervisor

Brittney Monroe


Ofelia Araiza


Ashlee Eddings


Angelle Kelough


Kennel Technicians

Their primary duty is to ensure the health and well-being of the animals under their care which may include feeding, cleaning, grooming, exercising, and monitoring the animals for signs of illness or distress.

Grace Wear

Kennel Technician

Lane Wood

Kennel Technician

Mandi Rowe

Kennel Technician


CSR stands for Customer Service Representative. A CSR is a professional who provides support to customers and clients of a company or organization. They are responsible for handling inquiries, resolving complaints, and providing information about our services at Ada vet clinic.

Stacy Hickman


Tammy Hayes

CSR Supervisor

Veterinary Assistant

 They are responsible for providing support to the veterinary team, including the veterinarian, registered veterinary technicians, and other staff members.

Grace Reeves

Veterinary Assistant

Katie Bryant

Veterinary Assistant

Jacob Christian

Veterinary Assistant

Ashley Hayes

Barn Representative

Practice Manager

Practice Manager is responsible for managing the 
day-to-day operations of Ada veterinary clinic

Jamie Loporchio

Practice Manager
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